icon-smLaurie provides an in-depth case study of this beautiful, lace-trimmed, 'Victorian Edwardian' Corset - an intriguing auction find.

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A beautiful corset - lovely details and intriguing dating clues! I can't wait to see your recreation!
Fabulous article, Laurie. It is of particular interest to me, because the P&S Oktis corset shield was developed and patented by William Pretty & Sons corsets of Ipswich (Suffolk, England). It was designed to be added to corsets to provide additional reinforcement around the waist area for those ladies who had a habit of bending lots and snapping the busks/bones. William Pretty & Sons were also the only licensed European distributor for Warner's Coraline corsets and in the 1880s were the largest corset manufacturer in the UK. They were later ought out by Symingtons and much of their records has disappeared/been subsumed into Symington's archives. I would be happy to share further info on Prettys as a colleague of mine has done extensive research on their factory (and network of satellite factories around East Anglia).
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