2aThe Athletic Corset allowed the wearer greater comfort and freedom of movement than ever. Kat tests the claims by making her own.

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what do you mean by "secure stitches were used on each end"? for the life of me i can't seem to visualize that.
I just do a little tack at each end- a couple of sticthes. (With the sewing machine for speed.
It just helps hold the pieces together so you can control the seam. When you have a woven/stretch fabric combo for the seams I find the stretchy panel can grow and you end up with a massive amount of excess seam- even of your pattern pieces are correct.
The stitches just help me make sure the tension is correct on the seam so I don't pull too much and end up with puckering. Hope that helps :)

I very much would like to have/make a Ferris Good Sense Corset Waist, but I'm seeing ads for it with a button front and apparently no boning. Also, your pattern seems lower than the old ads I'm seeing and lacks the straps. Have you seen any other patterns for this corset?
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