Hearts Corset Patent, 1906Last month a very decisive 73% of you wanted to see the pattern re-worked twice for the model.  This month, we will focus on the first version, as it came off the pattern block.

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Thank you so much! This is such a great learning experience. I really love all the photos. Thank you again!
For finishing the edges of those inset panels, would it work to fold under a narrow seam allowance and top-stitch them down? It would not solve the problem of interior raw edges, but would hide them on the outside. I'm worried about those extreme curves, though, and how flat it would sit....


Thanks Cat, you're very welcome!

Nancy, if you take your time pressing the seam allowance under that should work very well. If you want it really neat, you could always tack it down with a basting stitch then top-stitch from the outside so that the stitching line is *exactly* where you want it :-)

Ah Nancy, I've re-read your comment, I thought it was in reference to the facings rather than the inserts! Sorry, very silly of me...

I suppose it may still be doable. But you'd need to notch the seam allowance on those curves, which might be tricky. Let me know if you try it :-)

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