teens-corset-iconJennifer shows you how to alter the pattern from last month, then sew the corset step by step, using the same vintage techniques as in the original.

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I find your comments on the consistency of the materials and their differences to be very appreciated. It puts ideas in my mind about the impressions of the period support garments versus what our modern interpretations lead to.
This is really excellent Jen. What is correct for the rest of the bosom, as far as support goes? Do you just rely on the chemise and corset cover?

Thanks so much for this very helpful article.

This is a spectacular article. I am so totally going to use it!!
I was wondering though do you have any thoughts about what to do for someone with a really long/short torso? I thought all of your notes about sizing were wonderful and would love to hear your thoughts on how to make this corset work for those of us that are really tall or short.
May I ask how tall you are??


Gwynedh - since this is an underbust corset, I would probably go for the "cheating" method and just cut the top edge down to whatever height you need. Or you could use the more "professional" method and take a tuck in all the pattern pieces. That technique is discussed in this article: http://portialawrie.blogspot.com/2011/07/top-draftalong-23-adjusting-waistline.html
Are these all spring steel bones, or are they spiral?
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Thank you so much for writing these two articles. I have been sewing a few months and decided to give your corset a go. I think that considering I've never made a corset before, I've done ok! I made a couple of changes and added 12 garters. I'm really excited to make the final piece.

Here is a picture of my toile :)


Thanks again, I learned so much!

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