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squarepicThis gorgeous black and yellow Symington corset is a real show-stopper. Here, Michelle walks us through its construction, step by step. 

squarepicIn more detail than ever: pattern study, materials, cutting and fusing to reproduce this gorgeous Symington show-stopper.

squarepicFinishing a reproduction 1909 corset, with lapped seam tutorial video (they're not as tricky as they seem) and inspiration to tackle UFOs!  

SquarepicMichelle uses the FR Symington drafting method to create a surprisingly comfortable and accurate corded corset.

2aThe Athletic Corset allowed the wearer greater comfort and freedom of movement than ever. Kat tests the claims by making her own.

icon smTrying out a unique antique corset pattern with horizontal seams, ideal for tightlacing but also full of juicy design possibilities!

icon sm

Recreating the 1895 ventilated corset using a pattern that Nikki took from the original surviving half in the Symington Collection.

icon smWhat do you do when it's not going well at all? Breanna proves that a not-so-promising mock-up CAN be turned around and saved.

icon smExploring the new fashion for free movement c.1900, then drafting and fitting an "Athletic Corset" with a stretch panel.

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