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icon-smIn part 2, Nikki recreates the design of this unusual Edwardian corset from the Symington collection using the pattern from part 1.

icon free smNikki introduces us to this beautiful and unique corset, and begins the task of bringing it to life by taking a pattern from an original.

icon-smJennifer brings her late Victorian corsetry project to completion, creating a corset she is very happy with and in the color of the year, to boot!

icon-smCecile delves into how to adapt a 1902 Kops Corset Patent 712,312 classic Edwardian S-bend corset to fit her body shape.

icon-smLuthien continues her journey with this corset from Norah Waugh's famous book through construction, embellishment and her final thoughts.

icon-smLuthien sets herself an Edwardian challenge by recreating the 1901 corset from Norah Waugh’s book 'Corsets and Crinolines'.

icon-smAndrea guides us through the mockup of the Mina Sebille’s Patent US39964 which is a basic corset pattern comprised of only five pieces per side.

icon-smCarmene guides us through making "a well-fitted corset made by every housewife or active woman who needs to move" from 1855.

icon-smJennifer constructs this beautiful Victorian corset in which adding, removing, or resizing panels propose to make it uniquely adjustable for fit and comfort.

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