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icon-smKatie-Louise guides us through the completion of this beautiful Victorian corset and discusses the changes she would make to the pattern if she made it again.

icon-smHannah uses information gained from her first article about this late C19th pattern to construct and finish a beautiful corset using silk organza, coutil and steel.

 icon-smKatie-Louise guides us through the interpretation of this style, through fitting all the way to making a toile of this beautiful Victorian corset.

icon-smHannah gets us started with this beautiful late 19th century corset and tests the patent's claim to provide ‘best possible shape with greatest comfort’.

icon-smRachel talks us through the completion of this beautiful C19th corset in the final fabrics, creating an elegant yet supportive base for ladies of a curvaceous nature.

icon-smIzabela works through the entire process of creating this unusual C19th corset from just an online explanation of the patent to a fully-developed undergarment!

icon-smRachel talks us through her journey to re-create this late-Victorian corset, which is ideal for 'well endowed' ladies with a curvy, hourglass figure.

icon-smIn Part 3, Anna guides us through finishing the fitting and getting started on the final version of this Edwardian underbust corset for the 2013 competition.

icon smLuthien walks us through the construction, decoration and finishing of this beautiful overbust corset, including changes to the original Victorian pattern.

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