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sqarepic Nikki examines some super beautiful garments worn as an alternative to the far more rigid 18th century stays, prior to doing her own recreation!

SquarepicEdward shares his construction process for recreating this original Edwardian corset in a single layer of silk brocade.

SquarepicMaking a  toile to test the pattern for a double front lacing Belle Époque silk corset, and checking the fit with a "cheat's" toile lacing panel!


Edward shows us an easy way to trace the pattern from a stunning antique corset, in the first article on this unusual Edwardian recreation.

SquarepicJoanne test drives the stays pattern with which most makers begin. Is Butterick 4254 a great beginner pattern... or an ill fitting mess?

squarepicThe pattern seems good, but what do you do with that mock-up? On to fitting toiles, featuring example stays on three different body types.

squarepicDo not fear stays! Michelle takes a well known 18th c stays pattern and shows us how to measure it, enjoy its unusual shape, and alter it to fit.

161 3 4 frontA smooth, lightly boned, accurate Victorian corset. Flexible, comfortable and yet still curvy, and recreated step by step for you to follow along!

squarepicThis gorgeous black and yellow Symington corset is a real show-stopper. Here, Michelle walks us through its construction, step by step. 

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