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Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature

Want to "Favourite" the best articles on our sites? Your wish is our command!

 We've introduced a new My Bookmarks feature to both Foundations and Wardrobe this week, and we're pretty excited about it. You have asked for this in our surveys and suggested it in your conversations with Marion and myself, and we're delighted to bring your idea to life!

Now Members will be able to find favourite Foundations and Wardrobe articles more quickly and easily than ever. Save articles to your personal Bookmarks to help you with a project, or as a list of references to help you learn a technique, or just bookmark your favourite, most inspiring articles - and there's more. Unlike your browser bookmarks, when the site gets overloaded with new content and we re-structure things into more detailed categories, these links won't break.

How to Use the Bookmarks

Let me very quickly walk you through the features so that you can go and play...

Click the bookmark icon in any article intro to add it to your Bookmarks.


Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature


You'll see the icon change to a similar one that'll enable you to remove it from your Bookmarks in the same way.

(Removing an article in this way just removes it from your personalised Bookmarks. Rest assured that it won't remove the article from the website as a whole!)


Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature


You can also find the add/remove icon at the bottom of each full article.


Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature


Then, find the list of favourite articles that you've made under Members' Articles > My Bookmarks.


Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature


Here you'll find all the articles you've bookmarked, and they'll be automatically organised for you into the same categories as elsewhere on the site.

(When you've amassed a huge Bookmarks list, you may find it easier to use the drop-down box to jump to a specific category.)


Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature


Use the plus sign on the right of any article title to expand it and check it quickly.


Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature


You can then use the "Go to Story" icon to go to the original article page, or delete it from your Bookmarks by using the trash icon.


Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature


Finally, here's a nifty extra: If you want to link to a favourite free article from your blog or webpage (or an article you're writing for us!), you can use the "Copy" button on the top right to generate a popup with html link codes to your entire Bookmarks list.

(Don't forget that only Members will be able to see any Members-only articles to which you're linking!)


Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature


Bookmarks are now up and running on both Foundations AND Your Wardrobe Unlock'd. So go, log in, play. Create your own Bookmarks and tell us what you think!


Want to use My Bookmarks? Find out more about becoming a Member here.

Hello :-),
I can not seem to enter my bookmarks section... Am I the only one who has this problem ?

Most regards

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