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You Might As Well Give Up Now

Have you ever stumbled across another maker's work and felt that bittersweet knife in your heart? Their work is so, SO gorgeous, it's a privilege just to be able to swoon over it... but it's also a punch to your own gut.

I might as well give up now.

Whether you're standing in the convention hallway in an outfit you're no longer excited about, or whether you're surfing the Net in your grubbiest pj's while eating cereal at 11pm, you have to face the fact that no matter what, you will never be that talented.

I disagree.

All that you need to give up... is your belief in the myth of talent.



  I totally agree! I had a rant not long ago about this very thing. 95% of the wonderful things we see are skill gained by hard work. I'd much rather praise someone as skilled than talented.  
  I couldn't agree LESS! There most certainly IS such a thing as talent! I've worked all my life to develop my skills. I have honed my skills, developed my patience. I make drafts, I make mock-ups--sometimes many mockups. I do and I re-do until it's as right as I can get it,and so I've become very good

By contrast my granddaughter, age 19, far surpasses anything I've ever done, and she is just beginning. I am the proudest of proud grandmothers at her accomplishments . But as it regards to your blog entry-- where I have worked to learn my skills, hers hatch out of her fertile brain and onto the paper/fabric/canvas without the blood, toil, tears, and sweat that have characterized all my work. That's the difference between talent and skill. Your message is valid but it's naive to say that talent doesn't exist just because most of us have to work for it. There really is a gifted minority.

That doesn't mean we give up. We accept, we admire, and we keep on plodding. That's what we do.

  Talent exists. My mother picks up a new craft and her third attempt is saleable. Like DannyJane, I do and redo and redo to get the same results.  
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