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icon smApril finishes this beautiful corset, sharing lessons she learned about alterations, welt seams, flossing & choosing the right model.

icon smThis interesting pattern has alternate straight sided and curvy panels: was this done to help make sizing easy? Jennifer investigates.

lorodosis iconLumbar hyper lordosis, alias 'sway back', creates a special challenge when drafting a corset. Amber shares her expertise and experience.

icon smElisa looks at the history of stays and discusses a few extant garments to see if any conclusions can be drawn on their construction.

icon smMarsh claims leather is more durable in the hard wearing areas of a corset. Christina tests his theory on this C19th patent - is he right?

icon smMarion introduces us to tulle and the delightful watercolor effects you can achieve with different color fabric layers stacked on top of each other.

icon smApril describes her experience with image No.104 of the Symington Collection, right through the mockup phase of her project.

1878 Marsh CorsetChristina takes us through a mockup of this patent, in which Marsh claims two “improvements” to corsets, discussing her observations.

icon smClare takes on the FR patent challenge to breathe life into this deceivingly simple 1878 corset, beginning with the toile.

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