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The Home of Corsetmaking, Bra Making and Lingerie Making

Hold Your Most Fabulous Ideas In Your Hands, Not Just In Your Head


♣  Create smooth, hourglass corsets that fit like a glove
♣  Build a unique wardrobe that turns heads every day
♣  Learn the secrets of the makers you've been admiring on social media
♣  Teach your hands to do justice to the ideas that dance around your head


Basic push-up corset shape by Barbara Pesendorfer of Royal Black Couture Corsetry for Foundations Revealed All done! "Le Vitrail" (The Stained Glass Window) by Julianne Coriandoli, winner of the Foundations Revealed 2014 Competition


  • Save money by learning which tools and materials are worth buying, which aren't, and how to use them properly
  • Build confidence by getting a solid grounding in the essential skills you need, with minimal trial and error
  • Ask questions and get informed feedback from our professional Mentors - there's no need to try to figure it out alone!
  • Free articles to get you started

Intermediate makers

  • Get over that plateau with an unrivalled range of real Victorian patterns
  • Get noticed and build a following in our annual Corset Competition
  • Test out that dream of going pro by browsing our articles on running a corsetmaking business
  • Run your mock-up photos past our professional Mentors and get the fit perfect before you cut that silk

 Advanced makers

  • Go professional with confidence, with the support and advice of our Business section, or just go the distance with meaty projects that you can really get your teeth into
  • Become a Foundations writer and give something back to your community. Unlike many websites, we pay all our writers
  • Take 21st century corsetmaking forward, rediscovering and developing Victorian secrets into new ideas for modern times.


Here's what you'll get as a Member:

connection ~ content ~ community ~ accountability


Basic "Foundations Revealed" Membership ($14.97 per month)

  • New, in-depth Master Your Skills class each month deciphering corsetry, bra making, lingerie, or underwear
  • Busy Seamstress ten minute quick video class each month, so that you can keep improving, even with a hectic life
  • All Access Pass to our COMPLETE Foundations Revealed Online Reference Library, containing over 500 tutorials, classes and sewing articles on corsetry, lingerie and bra making - find that specific answer you need, even if you're sewing at 2am!


Complete "Foundations AND Wardrobe" Membership ($22.97 per month)

  • All the benefits of Basic Foundations Revealed Membership, PLUS....
  • An additional new, in-depth Master Your Skills class each month on building the rest of the wardrobe: complete your look with gowns, tailoring, outerwear and accessories
  • All Access Pass to our COMPLETE Your Wardrobe Unlock'd Online Reference Library, containing another 700 tutorials, classes and articles on all aspects of the costume, from the skin out - because we KNOW you're looking for answers at all hours, don't deny it!


Bonuses (ALL Members):

  • Access to our Private Members' Club for the community support and one-on-one help you need day to day. 
  • No Maker Left Behind: In-person Q&A Call with our Mentors every month, so you never need to struggle on that project alone
  • Entry to our Annual Competition (optional): your chance to get YOUR work featured and publicly admired, and win fantastic prizes!
  • No minimum membership period. Cancel any time from your Member dashboard.



Your Mentors and teachers are 60 of the brightest and best loved makers working in the corsetry, lingerie and costume making world today, including:



Luca Costigliolo
Internationally renowned
costume cutter and author

Lowana O'Shea
Barbara Pesendorfer

Barbara Pesendorfer
Royal Black
Jenni Sparklewren

Jenni Hampshire

Rosie Dennington
Rosie Red


Classes, conventions and conferences inspire you for a couple of days, but are over quickly, cost hundreds of dollars and require lots of travelling time. 

College courses cost tens of thousands of dollars and only cover the basics of the craft - with minimal actual sewing.

Members of Foundations Revealed use all our resources, whenever and wherever you wish, at your own pace, for a small, affordable contribution of $14.97 per month, supporting our hardworking mentors, teachers and admin team. (Cancel any time.)

We are committed to helping YOUR hands do justice to the ideas that dance in your head, because if you succeed, there will be more beautiful, skilled slow fashion in the world - and that means we ALL succeed.

Join the Revolution today!


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"There's lots of information on the internet for free, but the nice thing about THIS site is the consistent quality... I'd rather be able to go to one source and find trustworthy information from people who've been "vetted" by the pros."

Kay, Missouri, USA



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