The Home of Corsetmaking and Costume Making

Hold Your Most Fabulous Corsets In Your Hands, Not Just In Your Head


♣  Create smooth, hourglass corsets that fit like a glove
♣  Build a unique costume wardrobe that turns heads every day
♣  Learn the secrets of the makers you've been admiring on social media
♣  Teach your hands to do justice to the ideas that dance around your head


Enrolment will open briefly

Monday March 25th - Friday March 29th 2019

Foundations Revealed has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.

No longer just a "magazine", we're now a thriving, interactive community, with mentor support in monthly live workshops and daily interaction in our private community.

When we are marketing and onboarding new people constantly, we cannot bring our best and undivided attention to the Members, so we are experimenting with welcoming new Members in groups, like a college class.

Our goal is to make this your favourite community to be in because you are well taken care of, because you are getting what you came for, and because we "Stitchlings" stick together! 

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