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Foundations Revealed is the place where beginner, intermediate and advanced makers alike get the tools and inspiration to launch their creative dreams. Members have access to an unrivalled range of over 300 in-depth tutorials, articles and how-tos concerning all aspects of the corsetmaker's and bra maker's craft.

We have built this unique treasure trove over the growing number of years since our October 2009 launch, and we are still building, adding a new article to the library every Saturday to create a classroom that continually grows and improves in response to your needs.

It's the modern day, online apprenticeship that puts you in control of your learning, whatever your level.


Basic push-up corset shape by Barbara Pesendorfer of Royal Black Couture Corsetry for Foundations Revealed All done! "Le Vitrail" (The Stained Glass Window) by Julianne Coriandoli, winner of the Foundations Revealed 2014 Competition


  • Bypass the heartache of failed experiments and get straight to results by learning it right first time from our expert teachers
  • Save money by learning which tools and materials are worth buying, which aren't, and how to use them properly
  • Build confidence by getting a solid grounding in the essential skills you need, with minimal trial and error
  • Ask questions and get informed feedback - there's no need to try to figure it out alone!
  • Regular surveys ensure that you get to tell us what you need to learn - and we'll respond with new articles
  • Free articles to get you started

Intermediate makers

  • Get over that plateau by exploring an unrivalled range of real Victorian patterns
  • Develop a rounded view on how it's done from a trusted range of professionals and amateur artists
  • Find the inspiration to keep trying by getting noticed in our annual Corset Competition
  • Test out that dream of going pro by browsing our articles on what it's like running a corsetmaking business

Advanced makers

  • Go the distance with meaty projects that you can really get your teeth into
  • Go professional with confidence, with the support and advice of our Business section
  • Become a Foundations writer, get noticed and give something back to your community
  • Take 21st century corsetmaking forward, rediscovering and developing Victorian secrets into new ideas for modern times


What do YOU need to learn the most?

          • Get the benefit of all the experience shared by professionals like Jenni Hampshire of Sparklewren Bespoke Corsetry at Foundations RevealedMaterials: Want to make a corset from a tricky fabric? Learn with us how to make corsets from leather (real and fake), latex, stretch velvet, sheers, metallics and more.
          • Patternmaking: Drafting tutorials suitable for beginners so that you can make custom patterns from your measurements, plus all kinds of techniques for modifying patterns for a better fit or an alternative look.
          • Fitting: Fitting all figure types; supporting large busts and pushing up small busts, and that problem front hip area where the wrinkles happen - we can give you the control to make all your corsets fit like a glove and sculpt the body just how you want it.
          • Construction: From the basic principles of good corsetmaking to specific techniques like roll pinning, gores and gussets and welt seams, through to special projects like corsets with shoulders and that Jessica Rabbit dress, we have all you could possibly want to learn about the actual construction of these fascinating garments.
          • Patterns: More than THIRTY real historic corset patterns, showing a wide range of styles which our writers decipher and show you how to use. Never worry about how to make your work stand out again!
          • Decoration: Match stripes or patterned fabrics, hand paint your corsets, embellish with lace overlays (plus dying your own lace), rhinestones, beads, ribbon embroidery, and of course classic embroidered flossing - we have detailed, step by step tutorials on all of it.
          • Bras and lingerie: We can teach you to design and make your own bras (that actually fit), both vintage and modern, plus antique and vintage lingerie making, from 16th century stockings to 1950s glamour puss.
          • Turning professional: We can show you how to get started (and how to know when you're ready), develop your own unique house style, avoid problem customers, make corsets at a distance, market and promote your work with confidence, how much to charge, and how to run your business day to day.


Membership types and prices

College courses cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and only cover the basics of the craft. Classes and conventions complement your learning now and then, but are expensive to attend and last only a day or two.

Foundations Revealed Membership offers

          • Instant access to all the corsetmaking resources you could possibly need, around the clock, 365 days a year
          • Always at your fingertips so that you can learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace
          • When you sign up, you will get a whole month FREE to enjoy all our resources. After that, we ask that you contribute $14.97 per month to help fund the costs of the site, with the option to cancel at any time.
          • This fee supports the corsetmaking community at large by paying our hardworking writers and staff, and covers the running costs of this enormous website.

When you subscribe, you will also have the option to join our sister site Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, which covers all aspects of historical costume making in the same way, enabling you to hone your skills and make fabulous clothes to accompany your corsets.

A discount is available for joining both websites.

We're ready to help you grow into the maker you know you could be. So what are you waiting for?


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