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How to Do a Photoshoot

icon-smBritish corsetmaker Charlotte Raine shares her experiences of obtaining photography for her business - obstacles overcome, and lessons learned.

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  This was an "odd" but extremely interesting and useful article.
When running a semi-pro or semi-amateur business, it's so easy to forget how important it is to present your work in an attractive way and really show your workmanship.
  Thanks for the great article. I am at the stage where I need to start getting professional pictures of my work and it really is a great mystery to me. Thank you for helping me understand the process on a more professional level.  
  Thank you for sharing your experience, Charlotte, and for taking the time to write about it.
Though, I must say this article and the topic are very close to another article Sparklewren wrote about professional photoshoot some time ago on FR, and... well, as a FR reader, I expect to read new things each week sad
Cathy Hay  
  Thank you for your feedback. As you will see by comparing Charlotte's article with Jenni's, their experiences and advice have similarities, but plenty of differences. One misses out points that the other stresses, and by taking the two together, a richer source is created.

It is a common misconception in the world of corsetmaking that there is One And Only One Correct Way To Do Things. But if you were entering into a new, exciting, scary and expensive venture, would you not seek advice from more than one source? Would you not wish to find a variety of ways to do things before picking - or creating - your own?
  Great idea, re: hooking up with a local "boudoir" photo company. Results may not be exactly controllable, but it would expose women to your garments as well as develop some items in the portfolio...

Where did you get the stockings from? this is how I LOVE to wear my stockings, but I haven't seen the colours you have!
  Thank you Andi,
The stocking hoses are hand dyed and will be available from my site soon.
  Hi Andi,

Thank you for your lovely comments and interest. The stockings will be available from my shop in the coming weeks.
  I think this article is very different to the Sparklewren one and valid as an article in it's own right - The Sparklewren article is about branding, and working with arty, high fashion photographers, where as these are much more cheeky and playful - the two businesses are very different and the pictures show that , if nothing else this shows that choosing models and photographers etc does create a massively different feel to the shoot! :)  
  Thank you to all who have read my article and have taken the trouble to comment on it. Thank you also for kind and generous compliments. I am glad my experiences have inspired others to make their first steps for business or to record their work. It is important to share collective experience to enrich what we do.

Best Wishes All x
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