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Home or Workshop Photography 1

icon smDocumenting the creation process, the final corset, and the corset on your client are all opportunities to obtain images for your portfolio.

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  Dear Laurie, thanks for the very professional and inspiring article! You mention spoonflower for printed fabric - very thankfull for this! Do you know their qualities of fabrics? which one is the haviest? Which one would you recomend as background for shooting and which for the corset? warm regards Beata  
  I use a whole bunch of different ones. The Venus paining is on the gauze fabric for a backdrop, the feathers were on silk/cotton blend I think for the other backdrop. For corsets I"ve used the silk/cotton or the cotton poplin flatlined or fused to another layer. I haven't tried the twill or heavier weights yet. The color are pretty muted and hard to get a true black on the natural fibers. The polyester ones will print up bright and more vibrant, FYI.  
  Hi Laurie, many thanks for this article - it is an area I feel I do not know enough about to present work as well as I would like. I now have a much better idea of how to go about it with equipment and workspace I already have - so encouraging! I love the way your dress your mannequins and the different fabrics and textures you introduce - beautiful!! Lots of inspiration here.
many many thanks
  I love this article. Thanks so much!  
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