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When to Call it Quits

icon-smSannie discusses issues that are not always talked about by professional corsetiers: making a living from corsetry and knowing when to close your business.

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  Great article. I am in the midst of closing my custom sewing/alterations business after 10 wonderful years. Thankfully I am leaving on a high note to devote my time to my special needs daughter but even though the decision was mine to make and absolutely for the best it is a very difficult thing to do. I am finding myself in a massive identity crisis now. I just keep reminding myself that I can still be whatever I want when I grow upwink  
  A really inspiring article.
Especially this sentence: But remember, if a customer cannot afford your work, and is not willing to save up for it, then they are just not the right customer for you - Thank you for that!
  I'm in a lovely position, I have a full time job that is my main income,.whilst garment design is a side project that I use as a hobby and walk around money  
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