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Preparing for Business, Part 1

prep-1-iconPractising making corsets in preparation for selling: what exactly should you practise, and what's the most effective way to use your time and resources?

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  This is possibly the best article FR has had yet. Thank you. I need to go back and read it again not in the middle of the night, and then I need to rethink a bunch of things.  
  An absolutely incredible article. I, too, am rethinking my overall approach to bespoke corsetry. Am I trying too hard? Am I offering too many choices? How do I portray my corsetry as art, rather than merely being dictated to by clients? You have convinced me that the adage "Do what you love and the money will follow" would be more aptly stated "Do what you love and you will never become bored!" Thank you for such an intuitive and relevant article, and for challenging me/us. LOVE it!  
  Wow! This is so clarifying and refreshing! Long ago I recognized the strong parallels between writing, creating and preforming a song and bringing a corset from imagination to fruition. The similarities are quite surprising really. This is such a wonderful description (and reminder) of how to “work”, improve and not stray from the true heart of one's efforts. Really appreciated.  
  Excellent, thought provoking and helpful. Thank you very much.  
  Thank you all for your lovely comments! I'm glad my scribblings can be of help. Please do let FR know either here or on the facebook page if you ever have ideas for future topics/articles... it's the only way us writers know if we're on the right track :-)  
  I really enjoyed this article too and suspect I will keep referring back to it. I am new to corsetry and it is so helpful to have encouragement and practical advice to help me progress. I feel more capable and empowered to just make what I like to make, rather than feeling I must have certain styles in my portfolio. Really excellent article.  
  fab article! so many interesting things, this is my third read!!

Jenni - you may already be including this is part two, but i was thinking that some insight into where to look for clients, places to advertise/market your business would be really helpful. I am at the stage where im confident to be selling my work, im just not sure how to let potential clients know who/where i am!! :)
  Jenni thank you so much for this article!
I sometimes get intimidated by other corsetmaker's works, just because I am not good at/don't like some techniques or patterns and so do not use them.
This article is changing my way of thinking.
It's impossible to be good at everything.
It will save me a lot of frustration!
And improving my skills will be a pleasure not a burden :-)
  great article !1/ . it boosts my confidence. I have made corsets of my own inspiration with pachwork, leather but I'm only starting. A friend asked me to do one for her. She chose the fabric and it is classic . I feel that is what will sell so I accepted. It is finished but I m not too happy with it. I must get courage to explore possibilities to add in my personal touch.  
  Hi, thanks all for your comments.

Marta, "improving my skills will be a pleasure not a burden", absolutely! I think we're exceptionally lucky to be able to pursue a craft like corsetry, and it should (where-ever possible) be a source of joy :-)

Catherine, that's excellent. My confidence fluctuates too, so I'm always keen to boost the confidence of others. Keep on studying, your skills will improve swiftly I'm sure.
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