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Confessions of a Corsetry Intern, part 2

icon-smWorking as an intern is one way to learn a specialist skill like corsetry. Rosie discusses whether interning is either a benefit or a disadvantage.

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  Fab article Rosie. Can't IMAGINE where on earth you are talking about that is cold where you need layers ;) From the point of view of the person giving the intern an opportunity I can say that the best interns are not only willing, able, helpful and all that stuff, but they are just plain good company :)  
  Guess I need a haircut then! I haven't had a fringe in years ;) It's either that or more gin.

Excellent article. I've swithered about enlisting the help of an intern a few times but my main issue is lack of space. So many of us work from home and that makes it tricky. But it's been fascinating hearing the intern's viewpoint.
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