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Supporting a Large Bust 2

Supporting a Large Bust, part 2Analysing the secrets of success of the finished corset from the last article, plus: how can gussets and shoulder straps be used to support a large bust?

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  Fantastic, again. And yes, Emilie is both a great sport, and just LOVELY! Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously. The finished corset is stunning.  
  I'm hoping for a number 3 article about cupped corsets as there isn't one online yet... And I want to make one for a well endowed costumer... ;)
Thanks so much for the most helpfull tips you've already given!
  For the record, we DO now have a Corsets with Cups series by Barbara Pesendorfer of Royal Black.
  Hepziba de Vries said :
I'm hoping for a number 3 article about cupped corsets as there isn't one online yet...

I actually believe that with MARK GARBARCZYK's article on bra's you can make a cup corset.]

Once you have the cup size and fit all done, the rest is basically a classic corset.

We should ask Mark to write an article about cup corset, his knowledge of bra making should be a great advantage! wink
  I love it, and her figure. I have a very similar figure except she is taller than me. Once uni is over I'm going to start making stuff for myself and dressing myself while I can.  
  If her best fitting bra is not against her sternum, she is probably not wearing the right size bra. I had that problem forever, and had no idea that the underwire could or should fit against my sternum. I have similar measurements to the ones you described for her in the previous article (for me 43" bust, w/ 33" underbust and 32" waist), and I wear a UK 34HH (which is apparently about a Dx9), or sometimes a 32J. There are a number of websites (I've purchased from HerRoom, BreakoutBras, and BareNecessities ) that sell bras in upper-range sizes like that, and most major cities in the US have at least one specialty store (such as Intimacy). I'm not sure about France, but most of the bra-makers in that size range seem to be from France and Britain.  
Superbement détaillé...ça encourage!
  making sure the bust is big enough will make it possible for the corset to sit at the sternum but does not give it the support to stay there without straps. i think a bra underwire under the breast might add some of the suport needed to keep the corset against the sternum.  
  I just had a thought. And it certainly hasn't been tested out thoroughly or really researched very well so correct me if I'm wrong. But didn't they have separated breasts with a flat busk in between during the regency period? And then didn't they have diagonal boning pressed up against the breast to prevent the breast from moving sideways? So as an additional boning what if you used sprung steel just past the breasts, maybe before actually, angling them towards the busk. Forgive me if I didn't explain myself well. I loved this article it's super helpful. :)  
  I love these articles! It helped me understand what I was doing wrong for my first corset. But as I reread this one in particular, I think I see where the problem lies. When the additional gusset was added, it may have been placed incorrectly. From my research and experimenting into bra making, to make the center lay flat, the cup should open either from the center or in intermittent intervals (gussets) across the breast mass from the center 1" to 3" underbust region below the breast. The breast will then fall into the newly widened pocket (like when you spread your fingers around a baseball) and the center should sink in. I think if the toile were retried with either hypothesis, there could be success!  
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