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Fitting & Smoothing: Front Hip, part 2

pt2-iconJenni addresses the combination of patterning, support, body type and fabric to get a perfectly smooth fit.

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  So much good information here, thank you!  
  Very excellent article! I have a question about cording an entire panel over the hip --which direction would the cording go? I'm guessing vertical, but if cording in general stiffens the fabric, I'm thinking it might be possible to put it in different directions for neat effects... Any guidance on this?

And I still love the early samples:) They show your innovation and personality well still.
  Hello, apologies for the delays replying to your comment!

I've ran cording in every direction over hips! To accentuate the curved seam, to run opposite to it, to run vertically... One of my favourite uses is breaking the hip gusset up into two of three panels with the cording running in opposite directions on each. Here is a metallic example (really highlights the texture of the cording):

You can also make hips that "stand away" from the body by stiffening the panels with cording. There are lots of possibilities :-)
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