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1870s corset patterns

T.S.Gilbert 1873 Corset Patent, Part 2

icon-smKatie-Louise guides us through the completion of this beautiful Victorian corset and discusses the changes she would make to the pattern if she made it again.

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  The corset came out beautiful!
I was wondering though, I notice it pulls at a diagonal. Is it because of the pattern, or it needs seasoning to settle correctly? I very new to corset making, and was curious.
Thank you!
  It looks to me like Katie-Louise has some natural asymmetry, perhaps scoliosis. I'm guessing this because if you look at the first mock up in part one on her mannequin, the mannequin itself is not symmetrical - it looks made to her body shape.

This means that using a regular symmetrical corset pattern will always result in this kind of twisting. To reduce that, she would need to pattern each side separately to account for those differences.

But for the purpose of this patent both sides needed patterning in the same way so as not to deviate from the original intention of the creator.

I think this is a wonderful job and the lines of the corset are very interesting. The boning wrapping round to the back intrigues me - something to try in future maybe!! It looks like it would work well under some early Natural Form dresses - keeping the back line nice and smooth.
  alexafaie, im not sure if its scoliosis or not but i do have a natural asymmetry your right :-).

The boning at the back was one of the parts of the pattent that intrigued me the most as well and i will definetly be experimenting with it more in the future :-)
  Thank you so much, i am very pleased with the results :-).
i naturally have some asymmetry on my body and most corsets pull off to one side if they havent been patterned differently for each side, however i am hoping that this will improve a bit once the corset has seasoned to my body properly
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