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1870s corset patterns

1878 Marsh Corset, part 2

icon smMarsh claims leather is more durable in the hard wearing areas of a corset. Christina tests his theory on this C19th patent - is he right?

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  Great fit! Love the curves. Even if the leather does not out-perform the coutil, it is still a nice visual element. I could totally see this working for a steampunk outfit like you mentioned. I think it would look stunning if the bust gores were also made of leather!  
  Thank you! I agree, it would look great with leather in the bust gores. Wonder how difficult it would be to insert those?  
  Thank you for the meticulous testing and construction notes, as well as your conclusions. The corset is well constructed and aesthetically pleasing. The combination of leather and fabric, while maybe not the marvel that Marsh thought, is striking and attractive. And THANK you for the compound walking foot industrial sewing machine slo-mo clip. (*swoon*)  
  Aww thanks! Now what else can I take a video clip of? Hmmm.... ;)  
  This is just beautiful. You're such a smarty. :-) Next time you work with leather in corsetry use your laser cutter to cut designs in the leather. I use my plotter to cut fabric pieces and cut filigree designs in the leather. That way the positive and negative space both become design elements. BTW I really wish I could come to work with you!  
  Thank you! I've been meaning to try cutting filigree, just haven't gotten time yet ;) I also want to try a bit of surface etching, though in my tests so far that works better with veg tan rather than garment leathers.  
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