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Recreating an 1880s corded corset, 2

Corded corsetYes, this corset is a labour of love. Yes, doing all that cording takes ages. Was it worth it? YES! This is a lovely corset, comfortable and fun and easy to wear and it looks so unusual and smart.

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  :-) Inspires me to change my pattern block and give cording a go.. the challenge - to find the appropriate cord! Thankyou for the detailed instructions..  
  Fantastic article Jema:-D
I have been looking into making a corded corset and you have just described exactly what I was aimming for. One quick question, would you need to preshrink the hemp cord? I seem to remember reading somewhere that cotton cord should be preshrunk if you plan on washing your corset.
  Much prettier than the Pretty Housemaid.  
  thanks everyone for your kind comments ;)

Ruby - yes, always pre-shrink or wash everything if you intend to wash the finished article... I didn't wash my cord - mainly because I won't be washing this little beauty (it's mainly for display) so I have no idea if it'll retain it's stiffness,

But I don't see why not, try washing a bit and let us know what happens ;0
  This is gorgeous, and what a stunning shape! I will be giving it a go! I usually mark out ny channels with a pencil/ruler, sew them using a standard foot and then pull the cord through using a bodkin, which takes me hours for a small section (but looks very similar I will definitely be trying out your method!  
  Yes, thats the usual way for channels in earlier corsets definitely - but these are just so tight and stiff and narrow you couldn't get the eye of the bodking and the stiff string through them I don't think!.

Ooh and U.S. folks who were intersted in a corset shaped manequin, check these ones out... only $99 - I wish I lived in the States I'd buy 5!
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