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Foundations Revealed introduces you to the beautiful world of original corset patterns.

Hearts corset, based on a 1902 pattern, by Sparklewren Bespoke CorsetryThese articles all use original corset patterns. They help us to see into the minds of the expert designers of the Golden Era of Corsetry and uncover the secrets of fit and style that modern corsetry is only just beginning to explore.

Modern corsetmakers can use them to branch out from the tired, vertical seamed, generic “Victorian” style that's so common now, and into something fresh and new, yet classically elegant. They also allow costumers to move beyond the limited number of commercially available corset patterns and explore styles more suited for your body type. 

Our writers figure out and test each pattern for you, so that you can skip the learning curve and make your best work today.

Symington Pattern #31400

icon smClare test drives a Symington Collection corset pattern that features ten panels, lots of cording and some interesting bust seaming.

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  Aaahhhh Clare I'm so excited to see this finally! I just finished punching the grommets in mine and I can relate to the hand troubles. I got ambitious and did all of the cording (and interpreted the caning as cording because, like you, I did NOT want to fuss with caning) and oh man, that was not fun. If you do ever play with cording on the side panels of this pattern though, it really makes it hold its shape wonderfully!

It's so neat to read your process and how it differed from mine! We will have to commiserate in Oxford and compare notes! Pray for me first though, as I'm going to attempt all of the embroidery next week...
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