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Foundations Revealed introduces you to the beautiful world of original corset patterns.

Hearts corset, based on a 1902 pattern, by Sparklewren Bespoke CorsetryThese articles all use original corset patterns. They help us to see into the minds of the expert designers of the Golden Era of Corsetry and uncover the secrets of fit and style that modern corsetry is only just beginning to explore.

Modern corsetmakers can use them to branch out from the tired, vertical seamed, generic “Victorian” style that's so common now, and into something fresh and new, yet classically elegant. They also allow costumers to move beyond the limited number of commercially available corset patterns and explore styles more suited for your body type. 

Our writers figure out and test each pattern for you, so that you can skip the learning curve and make your best work today.

The Athletic Corset, Part 2

2aThe Athletic Corset allowed the wearer greater comfort and freedom of movement than ever. Kat tests the claims by making her own.

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  what do you mean by "secure stitches were used on each end"? for the life of me i can't seem to visualize that.  
I just do a little tack at each end- a couple of sticthes. (With the sewing machine for speed.
It just helps hold the pieces together so you can control the seam. When you have a woven/stretch fabric combo for the seams I find the stretchy panel can grow and you end up with a massive amount of excess seam- even of your pattern pieces are correct.
The stitches just help me make sure the tension is correct on the seam so I don't pull too much and end up with puckering. Hope that helps :)
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