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Adapting a 1902 Kops Corset Patent

icon-smCecile delves into how to adapt a 1902 Kops Corset Patent 712,312 classic Edwardian S-bend corset to fit her body shape.

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  This was a really interesting article, thank you for sharing this :)  
  The j piece is not missing. In old school calligraphy the j and I were written as the same letter. The s also made appearances as f. Many old neighborhoods will have lettered streets but skip either the I or the J for this same reason. I lived on a J street but the city had no I street. Correct me if I'm wrong but it think the USMC barracks in DC is on I but there is no J? It's very common  
  Thanks zyurelaie for your comment !
This actually has crossed my mind. I had decided to look for other corset patents from the same era, and the ones I found, did use both "i" and "j". I was pretty confused about that... It may or may not be a numbering mistake. But at least, all pattern pieces are there. Which is what matters the most to us :)
  Gorgeous shape Cecile! I'm still obsessed with those hip pieces, what unusual and lovely shapes <3  
  Thanks Jenni! I really like that the hip pieces from this pattern give a lot of [easy] control on the hip shape. I kinda want to use the same hip concept with a different torso pattern :P  
  I like this topic  
  Very interesting indeed. Regarding the measurements of the original pattern it is likely that the corset "pattern" for the patent is only an illustration with some parts deliberately made smaller or larger and not to any particular scale. In addition, in the late 19th and early 20th century garment and corset makers were using various proportional sizing systems that did not require the extensive measurements that are typically used in pattern drafting today. So don't be surprised if corset patent drawings do not appear to be laid out correctly and don't match any modern sizes as we think of them.  
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