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Celebrating six years of corsets

For six years, Foundations Revealed has been the online home of corsetmaking. Around two thousand makers - some of whom are now household names in our small world, many more of whom are not - have found the Aladdin's Cave they needed to build their sewing skills, cultivate confidence, and in many cases, start an independent career as a professional corsetiere.

Hannah Light"I made my first corset (from a commercial pattern) earlier this year and thanks to the encouragement and tutorials on your website, I am now hooked! I am in the middle of my third corset I have drafted myself and it's so much more fun than making from a pattern. I've also recently found the confidence to post my corsets online... all thanks to you and the great contributors to Foundations Revealed..."

Hannah Light, speaking just after she joined Foundations Revealed in 2011
She went on to found her own successful corsetry brand Neon Duchess (image used with permission)


New Free Articles

But not everyone wants to make this a career; maybe you're just starting out and don't know quite where to dive in. That's ok; either way, we've got you covered. Our Free Articles for Beginners will hold your hand and walk you through those early experiments, and our Free Articles at Intermediate/Advanced level push you beyond that 5-corset plateau when you've got the basics down, but you're looking for... you know... finesse.

To celebrate our sixth birthday, SIX more articles have been carefully picked to enrich your toolkit to help you become the best corsetmaker you can be.


iconBusting Corset Myths

Astrida Shaeffer

When uninformed people blather on about rib removal and fainting couches, everyone's blood boils. Here's another weapon for your arsenal in those, ah, discussions.

Now that it's free, you can share it far and wide!

Corset Patterning from ScratchUnderbust Pattern Drafting (Corset Patterning from Scratch)

Marianne Faulkner, Pop Antique

Simple underbust corsets are a staple for corset wearers, and therefore corset makers. This tutorial covers the patternmaking tools and techniques to get you started making your own patterns, from scratch.

iconThe Folded Seam or Welt Seam Corset

Kim Ryser

"Mind blown... Going to use this for my next project. Thanks for such a great tutorial!" 

A simple, beginner-friendly guide to quick, strong corset construction. Construct all layers of a corset at once, panel by panel, from the front busk to the rear lacing. Kim shows you how in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

iconRoll Pinning Techniques

Barbara Pesendorfer, Royal Black Couture and Corsetry

Roll pinning is a traditional tailoring technique, used to assemble two layers of fabric so they can be treated as one layer afterwards.

Barbara Pesendorfer shares her secret techniques for getting that super smooth Royal Black finish on fabric or PVC.

Corset by Luca CostiglioloWhy Plastic is Better than Steel

Luca Costigliolo

Luca encourages you to set aside all that steel in our most controversial article ever!

"If whalebone was the preferred material of the corset makers that created the best corsets of the past that we all admire, why isn’t synthetic whalebone the preferred material of corset makers today?"

Long Distance CorsetryLong Distance Corsetry

Jenni Hampshire, Sparklewren Bespoke Corsetry

The name Sparklewren represents the gold standard in corsetry. In just one of her many candid articles for us about designing, making and selling your work, Jenni shares the secrets of successful distance orders.

If you are planning on working at a distance for customers worldwide, Jenni's guidelines are essential reading.


Emma Capponi Pearl Overbust Corset"I have to tell you how much I love this site. Not only is the information incredible, but the feeling of sharing and community is so lovely. It is so rare in a world where professional techniques are kept secret and business advice is hard to come by. Thanks so much for a great website!"

Emma Capponi, Corsetiere, Foundations Revealed member since 2011
(Corset pictured by Emma Capponi Corsetiere. Used with permission.)


Warning: Price Rise

Day or weekend corsetmaking courses can cost $500 or more; conventions and events, over $1000 for just a weekend; college courses, even more - and none of these have time to cover more than the basics. What happens after you go home?

Ever since our launch in 2009, membership of Foundations Revealed has been here for all those makers who want to dive deeper and reach beyond what they previously thought was possible as a maker. Members get access to our full library of over 300 tutorials and articles, join a community of passionate, committed amateurs and professionals and make Foundations Revealed their sewing buddy on their journey to excellence, working at their own pace for as long or as short a time as they wish.

We believe in supporting our community and our fantastic writers, and membership fees allow those writers to be paid fairly for their hard work for us. We have kept that price right down for as long as we possibly could, but at six years we've reached the limit of that capability.

On 2nd December 2015, membership must rise to an investment of $14.97 per month for new and returning members of Foundations Revealed only, or our sister site Your Wardrobe Unlock'd. Combined membership of both sites will rise to $22.97. That's still only equivalent to a maximum of $3.45 per new article each week (and now includes the 300-strong archive we've been building since 2009), but we understand that money is tight for many of you. So...


  • Our "Sign Up!" button has been replaced with a First Month Free invitation - an opportunity to test drive Foundations Revealed, with the opportunity to cancel before your first payment if it's not for you;
  • The rise will NOT affect existing subscriptions. If you are currently an active member, your price is locked in for as long as your subscription continues uninterrupted. However, all new subscriptions formed, by both new and past members, will be billed at the new price from Wednesday December 2nd 2015. (Do check that your credit card details are up to date; an expiring credit card cancels your subscription automatically and will require a renewal.)
  • If you're NOT currently a member, this is a heads up: if you have been on the fence about becoming a member of this passionate community, you have ONE WEEK to sign up and lock in the old price BEFORE it rises.


So come on in; the water's lovely, and a new level of artistic satisfaction - and even career satisfaction! - is waiting for you....


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"I found myself squarely in the "can't afford it" camp for the longest time. Back in March, i received a free month's subscription to Foundations Revealed for submitting an interview - i immediately understood why subscribers pay for access, and i've been subscribing ever since! (and no, i'm not being paid to say this.. it's just true!)"

Sandra, Canada

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