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Let's take a frank look at our actual level of expertise. How do you measure whether you're skilled enough to take on that new project? (And if it's just unnecessary anxiety that's getting to you, how do you work around that?)

And, if we're in business, how do we convince others of our expertise - and how do we know when we're good enough to go pro?

It's a meaty one this week, but it's a meaty subject...



Cathy--This latest video is why I subscribe to your site. Your very personal and often intimate descriptions of the challenges faced by artisans are astute and revealing. I really enjoy knowing that you also doubt your skills, face personal obstacles in knowing how to complete a complex project, and often have big personal questions about whether your work is good enough for your own personal standards. I hope you continue to post these kinds of very personal observations.
Thank you Cameron! You're very kind. I'm enjoying making them, and I'm glad they're serving you.
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