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The conversation in your head is unrelenting, and it's driving you nuts. Overthinking it. Overcomplicating it. Overanalyzing it. Is it good enough? Compared to what? Will they like it? How do you even learn to LIKE the end result of all your hard work?

Let's straighten this out: Where's the line between having standards and fighting the perfectionism that cripples us? And how do you stop that voice that keeps telling you that nothing you do is good enough?



Miranda van der Merwe
Hi Cathy, Your comment: Crying, doubts and bleeding fingers everyone has them, I can identify with that. Thank you for this video, it just helps me to do some sewing this weekend. Perfection demon? The Bible calls it vanity. Yes, indeed we need to be delivered from our sinful nature. Me too. Thank you for this. Miranda
Thank you Cathy. A much needed pep talk about dismissing the adverse effects of the perfectionism demon! I was knocked out by the sheer amount of talent in this years competition - so much so I’ve gone back into the sewing studio even with just starting a new job and following your suggestion “try to do some sewing today won’t you?”. I’m trying out the corded 1880’s corset pattern by Jema Hewitt. It’s come together quite nicely and I thank Foundations Revealed for the inspiration to keep on sewing.
Hurray! Do you know what, I found that lovely pink thing in a drawer today and smiled, so glad you’re making one!
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