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Polaire iconWhy is the humble corset re-imagined as a torture device? Is its reputation justified - and did we really leave restrictive fashion behind?

icon smTwo professional tips for perfect eyelets every time, because the little things can make all the difference in your enjoyment of your work!

iconYou fix a bustline problem, but then fixing the waist makes the bustline look wrong again... here's a technique for fitting corsets right first time.

Symington's Flossing Sampler, (c) Leicestershire County Council Museum Services

Play with these designs and draw inspiration from them for your own corsets - either to create modern corsets, or historical recreations.

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you weren't quite living up to your potential? That guilty feeling really sucks, but it's a good sign, because it tends to be followed, sooner or later, by a moment of decision. Ok. That's it. This is going to change now. It's time...

How To Make A Bra part 1 at Foundations RevealedSome pinch and restrict. Others don't support or enhance at all. Bras are at least as maddening as corsets ever were.

Corset for the fuller bust by Eikhell Corsets at Foundations Revealed

The ten best, most useful, most time-and-money saving articles we've got at Foundations Revealed - and most of them are free. Enjoy!

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