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I decided to make a corset for my Minor project in my last year of my BA Hons, as I have never made one before and I wanted to explore different areas of costume. This lead me to find this competition online, this helped me to find a concept and theme which I would then base my research and designs on. I loved the idea of using Geometry to create a corset; I looked into many different areas to gain inspiration, such as looking into nature, old and new architecture as well as the history of geometry. I experimented with different embellishment techniques to find the ones which best said ‘Geometry’ to me. Combining and developing which ones would look best together, including how they would be presented within the structure of the corset.

After what seemed like forever I was able to choose my favourite parts and choose my fabrics to then make my corset. I chose a metallic looking dupioni silk as it reflected the light beautifully, and added texture to my geometric embellishments. I wanted these to stand out as I hand stitched the smocking panels, pulled the cording through each channel, and folded and pressed each pleat into place. These panels all together were to create a geometric embellished front, which had been achieved through fabric manipulation.

Overall the making of this corset was very fun and exciting to learn from, I was able to transfer my sewing skills to make a more structured and fitted garment. As well as learning some new embellishment techniques.

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 Lauren Deal  Lauren Deal  Lauren Deal

 Lauren Deal  Lauren Deal

Hi Lauren.

What a stunning corset, lots of intricate hand work in there. I love the smocking and fine channel work in the front! Is that honeycomb smocking stitch and is it the reverse side? It looks lovely.

Well done and good luck!


The textures on this are sumptuous! So subtle and yet, they stand out. Great work!
Ooh, the smocking and cording are very lovely details, I like how you've combined them.
I love your choice of fabric, and the smocking is extremely beautiful.
Neat textures! I love how clearly they're defined.
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