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FR 2014 winner!When I read "geometry", I thought of faceted crystals, delicate patterns of insect wings, blueprints of aeroplanes, the sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci, and finally of astronomy, which is intimately related to geometry. I had in mind images of antique maps of the constellations, in which the stars are connected by lines that remind me of seams. I wanted a corset that is curvaceous and angular at the same time, with a random pattern of intricate triangles. I opted for a metallic grey fabric and a transparent PVC because I wanted to give a futuristic look to my corset, and the shiny fabrics recall stars and crystals.

This is a corset consisting of only eight panels, but I'm really happy with the shape obtained. I tried out the technique of roll pinning for the first time, and I am quite satisfied because my outer fabric no longer wrinkles like it did before!

This is also the first time that I've lined the outer fabric with thick horsehair, which provides rigidity to the whole. I also added a layer of light coutil.

There is a mix of 24 spirals and flat bones sandwiched between the coutil and horsehair, and the busk was preformed. It took me a week to think up, design and work out how to make this corset. The most complicated part was the addition of the fins on the hips and chest after assembling the corset... I had to sew them on by hand.

I am quite happy with the result. I took this contest to try out new techniques and it really helped me progress! I think it's the one corset in my entire collection that gives me the most curves!

If I had more time, I would probably add one or two accessories like a neck corset and a cap... maybe later?

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