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Cinched In, Laced Up, Quilted Rockstar

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FR Comp logo beginner WAlong with being a corsetier/fashion designer I am an artist and one of the things I love to incorporate most into my paintings is texture. I usually do this with fabric and other things. In fashion I love all of the luxury fabrics like satin, silk, lace, leather, and fur because I love the way they feel on the skin. I used to envision lining everything I made with satin. Now I know that's not very practical. With this corset I went for a quilted effect on an outer, jacket like layer for a very tactile element. The quilted lines are done in contrasting black thread to stand out on the magenta colored brocade and there is a jet black Swarovski crystal placed on each spot where the stitching crosses. the jacket pieces are sewn on in the back and meet off center in the front where they zip together with a gold zipper. This corset has all of the standard elements such as a coutil strength layer, steel bones, a gold front busk closure and gold grommets in the back with black satin ribbon for lacing. The ribbon ends are encased in gold floral stamped bolo tips for an added touch of elegance. The edges are bound in black satin and the lining is a black and white cotton Toile de Jouy (my signature I'd like to think). As a beginner I'm still working on learning how to fit the corset properly and come up with different patterns. This pattern originated from a Truly Victorian 1880's and I attempted to alter it to be a plunge corset. I feel like the bust could fit better, but I may have changed in size since I first patterned this corset. It is almost closed in these photos. What I love about corsetry is the seemingly endless amount of possibilities and ways of doing things though it does make it a bit difficult to navigate the ins and outs of exactly how to do some things correctly. I love the challenge though!  ~  Dress Diary

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