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Corset Flora is made of symmetrical, hand-embroidered cotton voile covered with cotton/silk voile; it is interfaced and lined with cotton coutil.  The embroidery is made with DMC floss, color 300. It has a black busk, black grommets, and the bones are both spiral steel and flat steel (at busk and grommets).

The inspiration for the embroidery was metalwork designs, mainly from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The embroidery is covered with a cotton and silk voile to give the corset shine and changing perception of the surface based on light quality. The corset itself was draped on a dress form with reference to a sketch inspired by an 1894-8 Symington Collection corset. The major challenge was boning it securely without having the boning channels visible on the outside. This problem was solved by creating boning channels only in the lining and then attaching both layers together from the outside at each seam before boning.

Corset Flora is my most involved embroidery project and most elaborate corset thus far, after about a year of making corsets.

Teresa's full Dress Diary


Beautiful embroidery work !
The voile over the embroidery is a really neat idea that creates a very interesting effect, I loved seeing how different it looked before in your dress diary!
This is so soft and feminine looking... Very sweet. Good job.
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