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2015 Competition Details

Martin Johnson Heade,  Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth, 1890And the envelope please! The new themes for the 2015 Competition are......

The Five Senses and

The 1913 E.F.Hume Corset


Below are the complete Rules for the 2015 Competition. Deadline for entries is 5pm EST on Monday February 2nd, 2015.


The Five Senses

1913 E.F.Hume Corset

The Completed Sitting by Richard Bergh 1884

 Kelly Cercone's 1913 E.F.Hume corset


Theme: The Five Senses

The five senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell. These are the ways in which we experience the world around us, through our eyes, our hears, our tastebuds, our hands and skin, our noses..... How could you incorporate all of these into one single foundation garment or ensemble that is truly sensual, by incorporating all the senses? You do not have to include all of these into one single piece or ensemble; you could chose to focus on one or several and skip a few, or you could include them all in a complete head-to-toe ensemble. 

The Looking Glass, Warner Corset advertisement


How can you "see" corsets or foundation garments in a different way? Play with color or designs that draw the eyes in a particular way, or with effects that create an optical illusion. We use our eyes so much that we often forget to really LOOK at the world around us. Make us stop and take notice of your design.


How could you incorporate sound into the design? Often, while viewing photos online, we forget that people make sounds when they move. What do curves sound like to you? Perhaps add small tinkling bells or chains as ornaments to sound as the body moves, or rustling organza or frou-frou petticoats to swish as you move.

Video is allowed this year: we want to hear your entry! 


This one is difficult to do and keep it clean, but please DO keep it PG-13 rated! Perhaps add edible candy ornaments such as a red licorice bow, or wear candy jewelry? A necklace or crown of fruit or vegetables, or food used as a prop would also work too if it harmonizes with the theme of your corset. 


What is the signature scent of your design? This sense cannot be captured and transmitted via a video or photo, but you will know it's there. Perhaps incorporate a scented sachet into your design so that the scent is released gradually the longer it is worn....


Ah! Texture, fabric manipulation, roughness, smoothness, go wild here and explore the combinations available to you. If you were blind, and could only explore a corset with your hands, how would that change your design choices? Would you want the texture to shift in different ways over the body?

If you need further inspiration, you might find it by looking at historical depictions of the Allegories of the Senses to see what motifs have historically been used. 

We cannot wait to see how you incorporate these senses into your designs in for the competition next year!


1913 E.F.Hume Corset

EF Hume Corset patent

Since having a designated corset pattern seemed to work well this last year, we've chosen the 1913 E.F.Hume patent corset as our pattern for the 2015 competition. Please read Kelly Cercone's excellent article on the 1913 E.F.Hume Corset, and you can begin to dream of all the lovely possibilites created by the lines of this lovely design. 





Quick Links

Planning Your Competition Entry
Skill Categories
How to Enter



The Corsetry and Foundationwear Competition

Here's everything you need to know to take part in the unique Corsetry and Foundationwear Competition that will round off our year of themed articles! And you are going to take part this year, aren't you? We had over twenty entries this last year, but don't let that discourage you from flexing your sewing muscles and giving it a try. You've got a full eleven months from now until our deadline, and we'll be publishing lots of inspirational articles to help you get started and finish by the deadline!



  • Closing date for entries - 5pm EST on Mon February 2nd, 2015
  • Entries appear on the website and voting begins - Sat February 21st 2015
  • Voting closes - Sat February 28th, 2015
  • Winners announced and prizes are awarded - Sat March 7th, 2015
  • New theme announced - Sat March 14th, 2015


Planning Your Competition Entry

The only thing that all our projects will have in common are the themes we all started with. Some of you will want to make something for the modern world or a future or fantasy world; others will want to strive for historical accuracy; some of you will want to take a theatrical approach and make it a garment or outfit for a particular real or fictional character. As long as you make it clear what you had in mind in your accompanying notes (more on that later), we'll all be able to judge your entry based on what you were aiming for.

Foundations Revealed™  is the corset maker's companion (and a lot more besides!), so make any corset or foundationwear you feel inspired to make. Design it how you like, tweak it as you like, put it together any way you like, just as long as its inspiration fits into the themes.

We've got some VERY exciting things already scheduled for this year, but we're looking for more writers and we're open to requests on specific topics. If you're interested in writing for us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more or to submit an article idea.

Sweester & Pembrook, 1891, p72Sweester & Pembrook, 1891, p72

General Planning Articles

Saving Time and Effort 
The Six Rules of "Good" Corsetry 
Corset Pattern Scaling 
Drawing Flats for Corsetieres


Skill Categories

You may enter once in each theme category. In other words, if you want to do a Five Senses  and a 1913 Corset entry and submit them both, go ahead, but two entries in the same theme will count as one. No purchased, rented, or inherited costumes may be entered; the entry must be your own work. 

We have brought back the skill level categories this year, since they were requested by almost everyone who left comments. The two themes will be judged together for one overall set of prizes.

  • Beginner - If virtually every project you can think of is a completely new experience, you're a Beginner.
  • Improver - If you have some experience and you think you could make a passable effort at a selection of different types of costumes, you're an Improver.
  • Experienced - If you think you could probably make a pretty awesome job of most costumes, you're Experienced.
  • Everyone's interpretations of these three categories will be slightly different, so once we've received all the entries, we reserve the right to shuffle entries around amongst the categories to create a level playing field. (In other words, we often end up shifting a few people up a category, because you're all so darned modest!)



Winners in each category will receive

  • $200 gift certificate for the online store of their choice.
  • A year's free subscription to Foundations Revealed and Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.
  • A special 'Winner' icon to place on their website, blog or profile.

Runners-up in each category will each receive: 

  • Six months' free subscription to Foundations Revealed and Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.
  • A special 'Runner-up' icon to place on their website, blog or profile.


How to Enter

You will not need to send the garments themselves to us - our members are located all over the world and we'd be as heartbroken as you would be if your clothes got lost or damaged in the mail. In any case, we're not going to judge them: YOU are!


We're going to ask you to photograph the clothes you make; we'll use these photos and your dress diary or documentation as your entry. Your permission to use those things on our websites is granted by entering them, but the copyright on the photos and text remains your own.

Dress Diary (optional)

We recommend that you keep a "dress diary", perhaps on your online journal if you have one; we'd love to link to it. The great advantage of this is that you can include as many pictures as you like on your blog, over and above the ten picture limit for your main entry, and we'll link to it. Remember to use a tag so that voters can access your complete dress diary at once without needing to sift through other entries in your blog!

If you're not familiar with the term, a "dress diary" is simply an journal (online in this case) that you keep during the making of an outfit that documents how you made it, what problems you came across and how you solved them, including any making-of pictures, and all your triumphs and tribulations during the project. They're great to look back on and they help us all to learn from each other's experiences.


Deadline for Entries

In order to enter we need to receive your entry email by 5pm GMT (that's 12pm EST) on Monday February 2nd, 2015. The title of the email should be "FR Competition" and it should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The email will need to contain:

  • Your name (i.e. the name of the maker or makers, clearly indicating the spokesperson for joint entries).
  • Your username.
  • Your email address (if different from the one you're writing from!).
  • The title of your entry. Give it a name - brief, clear and memorable works best!
  • Your skill level category (see above, Skill Categories).
  • Brief description of your entry (about 500 words), including anything you'd particularly like us to know about it: inspiration, fabric, unique or historically accurate techniques or materials, any particular challenges you overcame, etc.
  • Link to your dress diary, if you've made one.
  • Please include the following legal text in your email, which officially gives us your permission to publish your entry on the site: I hereby grant Harman Hay Publications Inc the irrevocable right to use the text and images that are attached to, or linked from, this email on any products, and in any digital or traditional media or content.
  • Attach up to FOUR photographs to your email (do not give us Photobucket/Flickr links, as in previous years.) Remember, all photos must be either public domain or your own. 
  • NEW RULE: You may also submit one VIDEO of up to 60 seconds in place of one of your photos. 

Your entry will be uploaded to the website, giving our members and the public the opportunity to see your work. The winners will then be decided by a vote among all the members and staff.



  1. You will need to be a Foundations Revealed member on the closing date in order to enter.
  2. You may enter only ONCE in the competition at Foundations Revealed, but you can enter the simultaneous competition on Your Wardrobe Unlock'd in addition to this.
  3. No purchased, rented, or inherited costumes may be entered; the entry must be your own work.
  4. NEW RULE: Writers are welcome to enter, but they must not enter a garment or outfit that has been the major feature of an article or articles written for us.
  5. Joint entries of up to three people are welcome, provided that you are all members on the closing date. The skill level of the group is defined as the skill level of the member who was most involved in construction, or the most experienced member if it really was an equal joint effort. You will need to decide on a spokesperson. Prizes for joint entries will be awarded to the spokesperson to divide up as s/he sees fit. All members of the group will be able to use the 'Winner' icons, and any prize subscriptions will be split - four months each for a three-person entry, for example, or six months each for a two-person entry.


And Finally...

If you have questions, you can always This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post them on the Wall of our Facebook page - especially useful for those annoying issues that only come up when you're halfway finished! We'll add to this article with the answers to your questions (if relevant to everyone) as well as replying to you personally.


  Just to clarify -
Is it the case that if I make two corsets this year (for example one from the patent and one for the senses) I can only enter one of these to the competition?
  Hello there Galadriel,
Sorry, as I did this as a seperate comment, I'm not sure if you saw my original reply!

Yes, I'm afraid you can only submit one entry for the competition, but they will be judged together, so you could make your corset fit BOTH themes!
Thank you - we look forward to seeing your creation!
(Harman Hay's web bot)
Just wanted to check, do entries to this year's competition need to be full corsets, or will underbust corsets be considered?
  All corsets, including underbust corsets, are welcome, Rachel!  
  Hello, I have always been a bit confused on the requirements for the Themes. Does the corset we make have to be with the 1913 E.F.Hume pattern?
Cathy Hay  
  Hi Mira, not necessarily. It needs to fit with one or both of the themes, so it could be a corset made from the 1913 Hume pattern, or it could be made by starting out with the Hume pattern and altering it in some way.

Alternatively, you could make something compeltely different inspired by the Five Senses theme.

Or it could be both!

As long as it fits somewhere with one or both of the themes, it's eligible. Does that answer your question?
  You write in competition discription: "but we're looking for more writers and we're open to requests on specific topics. If you're interested in writing for us, contact the Editor to learn more or to submit an article idea." I don't understand what does it have incommon with the cometition - do you accapt articles as part of competition (you mention writers in the rules) or you just can generally need some more articles for the "Foundation" and this is not related to the competition? I would have many differnt ideas and might be interested in writing an article, once time allows (2015). kind regards Beata  
I've replied to you directly, please let me know if you didn't get my email.

Sorry, but I didn't understand if I can send ten or four photographs to enter the competition?

Thank you,

  Should we send 4 photos only,or we can send multiple emails with 4 photos in each email?  
  Can we send multiple emails?  
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