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Foundations Revealed Contest 2018

Submissions are now closed, and the 2018 "Insects" entries are on display here! 
A new Theme will be announced in late March 2018 to launch the 2019 Competition. 


FBgroup600Winning Competition Entries in 2017: by Cynthia Settje, Breanna Bayba, Rachel Castle, Maya Langouche,
Cynthia Settje again, Elinor Lloyd-Philipps, Susanna Antonsson, and Charlotte Thomasius


Want to have fun, grow your skills, get noticed, be admired, and perhaps even win a big prize?

Foundations Revealed™ and Your Wardrobe Unlock'd™ are all about encouraging you to raise your game and make better corsets, costumes and foundationwear in the style of times gone by. One of the ways we do this is through our Annual Contest, which challenges and inspires you to show off what you've learnt!

You don't have to be a world class maker to take part! We have categories and prizes for all skill levels - Beginners, Improvers and Experienced. The point of the Contest is to get you trying things you wouldn't normally try, and stretching a little way outside YOUR personal comfort zone, in a safe, supportive environment. It's about having a go, encouraging each other, and being brave. Don't underestimate yourself! Have a go!



  • 1st place in each skill category will receive a $300 gift certificate for the online store of their choice, a year's free subscription to our sites, and a specially designed 'Winner' icon to place on their website, blog or profile.
  • 2nd place in each category will receive a $100 gift certificate for the online store of their choice, six months' free subscription to our sites, and a specially designed 'Runner-up' icon to place on their website, blog or profile.
  • 3rd place in each category will receive three months' free subscription to our sites, and a specially designed ‘Finalist’ icon to place on their website, blog or profile.


All entries are uploaded to the website and displayed publicly during our week of voting, to be celebrated, admired and supported by everyone (with a link back to your site if you wish to use this as a promotional opportunity for your work). 

And that's the real point. The comments give you a great boost from like-minded enthusiasts, you give others the opportunity to admire and learn from your experience, and those of you with more confidence will get the publicity you might be looking for.

PLEASE NOTE: There are quite a number of changes to the Rules and entry process this year. Please review the Official Rules and Entry Form before you plan your Entry so that you're up to speed.


 "I took this contest to try out new techniques and it really helped me progress!" - Emilie Derville, France

"I loved having a set theme and deadline which made me actually start (and more importantly finish) working on something." - Anonymous survey response

"It is challenging, very inspiring, great source of eye-candy and fun above all."- Anonymous survey response



2018 Theme: Insects

Exotic Butterflies by Shubina Arina

Exotic Butterflies by Shubina Arina


Butterflies, moths, wasps, bees, ladybugs, ants, dragonflies... the possibilities are endless. Make a costume with gossamer wings, make your corset echo a thorax and abdomen, or sew little beasties on in profusion. Get abstract and use beetle wings or cochineal. Recreate Doucet's bees dress, or Worth's butterflies, or Victorian fancy dress, or take your inspiration from something more futuristic by McQueen or Mugler. But one rule remains - an insect has six legs. No snails, no spiders!

Perhaps you could look for meaning in Napoleon's hard working bee, or embody the transformation and rebirth of the butterfly, or the fleeting transience of the mayfly. Be beautiful, be fragile, or swarm in, dark and dangerous. Be a delicate dream or a disturbing nightmare. It's up to you... but why not start here, with our Pinterest board?

Pinterest board: Insects

 555px Beauty on the Shrub painting by Ma Chan

 Beauty on the Shrub by Ma Chan


FR Contest 2018: Official Rules



Get your own Fairy Godmother

Have you set an intention to enter the Competition in the past, but didn't follow through? 

Need a little help getting a great Contest entry together this year?

We can help. Foundations and Wardrobe have levelled up dramatically this year. We can now offer you the Group Mentoring you need to

  • Plan an achievable Competition entry that stretches you a little, but not too much
  • Find the patterns and resources to make your idea a reality
  • Get expert feedback on your mock-ups and toiles, whether you're looking for an accurate historical silhouette or just a fit that looks and feels stunning
  • Mentor and encourage you throughout the year so that you stay on track in a group of like-minded, ambitious makers.

The best part? Group Mentoring is now an integral part of Foundations Revealed and/or Your Wardrobe Unlock'd Membership.

Read more about the benefits of Membership, and become a Member today.



Melissa A Levy
Will we be receiving an email confirmation that our entry was received? I submitted mine yesterday and haven't gotten anything. Thank you.
Hi Melissa,
The emails are done manually and will be sent out over the next few days. It's a bit of a slow process. I have just checked the competition entry list and your entry is there.

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