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I'm a beginner to corset making but I am also a beginner to sewing, so I have taken a pretty steep learning curve. Before I decided to enter the Foundations Revealed competition I had made a corset belt and a half finished ribbon cincher.

This corset was inspired by all of the wonderful tutorials on the Foundations Revealed site and my desired to try out as many as I could manage in the timeframe and with my skill level. I also referred to Sidney Eileen’s and Doris Mahnič’s ribbon tutorials.  

I got carried away in the planning stages and bit off more than I could easily chew! A couple of times I got discouraged but I found that the corset community continued to inspire me, and so I persisted.  

I had a vision of a lace and bead ribbon corset with an hourglass shape to the back panels. I also wanted to bring the sides and the back up higher after trying on my half-finished one and realising I muffin topped out of it quite a bit.  

The pattern is inspired by the S-bend shape, while still giving consideration to my own shape. To do this I shaped the front and back panels of the corset where most ribbon corsets seem to be straight.  If I try this again I won’t curve the back quite as suddenly, as it comes a bit too sharply into my back. Of course, the corset also hasn’t had time to season so that may change the shape of the curve. I had some frustrations on getting the curves to stitch together neatly, and I hope to improve this in future. The satin ribbon feels lovely and looks gorgeous, but I found it slippery and ended up taping my pattern pieces together instead of pinning them.

I used a cotton jacquard fabric to cover the solid panels as they were too wide to cover with ribbon, and I was a bit intimidated by the satin at this point. Also the fabric had what I felt was a nice contrast to the ribbon.
This whole corset plays with different textures instead of just using colour to make an impact.  

The finish could definitely be better. I did a lot of things that didn’t quite work and in some cases trimmed off my seam allowance before I should have done, or didn’t give enough of an allowance in the first place. The cotton canvas that I used as my strength layer stretched in strange ways that I wasn’t expecting. There is going to be more beading.

I ended up not placing lace along the ribbon panels as I had planned in the beginning, as it was beyond my current skill level and I was worried about destroying the ribbon. Instead I’ve cut out lace flowers and stitched them individually to the front panels.

Despite all the challenges I had and the fact that I made life harder for myself by making up a whole new pattern and using ribbon to do it with, I feel quite proud of my efforts. My idea shows up clearly in the final result, even though it could definitely have some more polish.  

This experiment was pretty exciting for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly. So even though my fingers are sore from pricking them with needles and I now have a fear of satin ribbon, I will be making more corsets. Just maybe not a ribbon one for a while... though I have had this idea for a midbust or overbust ribbon corset that I will have to try out sometime, just maybe not with satin ribbon. I think I may be addicted. Maybe.  ;)

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Really smooth! Well done!
I love the use of the different textures in the same colors! The jacquard and the satin especially make a really nice contrast to each other. And the way the white ribbon emphasizes the curve of the waist, and the way it's angled to add to the effect, is such a good choice, I really like the effect it creates.
Great job for not only tackling a ribbon corset but also being a beginner stitcher.
Great curves! I love your corset.
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