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I am very interested in taxidermy and bones, more specifically in how to incorporate them into something you can wear. After having made some bone hairclips and other accessories, I wanted to make a matching corset. I felt it fit perfectly with the black and white theme for the contest, since three dimensional decorations are encouraged.

I made a black underbust corset with herringbone coutil on the inside and satin coutil on the outside. I made it following the post-Edwardian longline corset pattern from Bridges on the Body [the full details were first published here at Foundations Revealed]. According to the instructions, I only used flat steel bones. After having made the corset originally as a longline, I decided to shorten it because I found it hard to think of a way to style it with an outfit!

I started with a herringbone coutil mock up, Scotch taping the bones in place. I did some alterations to the pattern. I gave the corset a high back, to avoid the back fat problem. I also made most panels smaller to get a better fit. The pattern I used is not meant to be very curvy, as it is from the Teens era. I gave it a bit more reduction in the waist area, but I did not want to change it too much from how it was intended.
When making the actual corset, I added a modesty placket behind the busk and I used a waist tape. When I shortened the corset, I had to make a bit of a V-shape in the front because of the length of the busk. Unfortunately this resulted in the corset sticking out on the underside. This would have been less of an issue if I had used a shorter busk, cut the corset straight, and used a less flexible busk. :(

For the decoration, I used real bones from an animal of the canine variety. I drilled them lengthwise and used see through fishing line to connect the bones to each other and the corset. Bones were ethically sourced from a U.S. supplier who works according to the Endangered Species Act and state laws. I would never use bones from animals who are killed for creative purposes!

This corset is the third one I made, though it’s the second one I made entirely by myself. I am content with the straightness of my stitches, the binding, and how neat my grommets are! But I am disappointed with the level of wrinkling and the sticking out of the underside. I also wished I had given it more reduction after all. I will work on these points when I am making the next corset. ;)  


Whoaw ! Real bones ! That's awesome !
I absolutely love the use of real bones as embellishment! And your placement of them on this corset is very aesthetically pleasing.
Love the bones and the neatness of your grommets.
Real bones, how interesting... Good job!
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