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A few years ago I was backstage, fitting the lead vocalist of a band with a corset.

One of the members observing this asked what my profession was.

When I answered that I was a corsetmaker, he replied that I reminded him of the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I was flattered and intrigued by this unexpected comment and decided to create this corset.

The decision to use black and white as my main colors, as well as  placing the tulle lace heart near the breast area was carefully done in order to mimic a playing card. In order to make the heart stand out, I chose black for the center front piece. This was also done to pull in the viewer's eyes.  Diamond stud busks were used to create a contrast with the black center front piece. Vertical stripes were used to achieve a slimming effect.

The corset was accessorised with the clock rabbit in mind. I used a working pocket watch, added a rabbit charm on the chain and a pink heart as an accent color.

Dress Diary 1 ~ Dress Diary 2 ~ Dress Diary 3


  This is so well done on just about every level--the grommets to anchor the pocketwatch, the heart cut-out, the black center front to draw the attention--this is stunning! The shaping is beautiful, and the styling for the photos is so well done. I really love the collar with lace to match the cut out. This is a really gorgeous piece.  
forge fashion  
  Love it!!! feels very Tim Burton!!  
  I think this one is so playful and fun... It's my teenage daughter's favorite of the whole competition. Good job!  
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