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I had used one of the Symington patterns as a basis for a pattern that used gores to create the curves, but it was a little short on the body so I had been trying to think of ways to extend the top and bottom lines using surface embellishment. Here is the original corset. It was actually a toile but the fabric turned out to be as strong as coutil so I wore it on a couple of occasions, but I was never happy with the quality of the stitching, so I was happy to cover it.

I had recently spent some time at night school learning how to crochet and one of the patterns I was using necessitated the use of pom poms – I’ve always loved pom poms and it made me think about using hundreds of these fluffy balls in this way. I prefer muted colours, and black and white in particular, and so I was pleased to read that this was to be the theme for the Foundations Revealed competition. I tried only black and white pom poms initially but it seemed lacking and unbalanced – adding grey gave it a feeling of shadow, which I liked.

I created black, white and grey poms poms in three different sizes and attached them in a way that exaggerated the silhouette. I’ve estimated that there are nearly 400 pom poms – obviously it’s a statement piece and doesn’t lend itself to wearing down the pub, but it has given me some ideas for future, more wearable corsets, where I intend to attach tiny little colourful poms poms as a design feature.


  This is fun! I want to touch it. It looks so soft.  
  Hi April - yes it is a tactile thing that's for sure - when anybody tries it on I just want to give them a big bear hug!  
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