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Photos by AW Creating Memories


I really wanted to work with the Intersection of light, black and white category of the competition. With that I wanted to emphasise the light aspect of the corset by using layering techniques with white satin, chiffon and lace materials all manipulating the light in different ways, and combining this with having a harsh beaded black which could mimic the lines of wrought iron.

For the pattern of this corset I used my most curvy underbust pattern and combined it with a very soft shaped bustier pattern. I wanted to again play on harshness and softness of the shaping to match my ideas for the corset.

Once the corset was sewn together, the chiffon was sewn into the back of the corset and secured into the boning channels either side of the lacing panel. I then pinned and stitched the excess chiffon down under the white lace so that no stitching could be seen. Then the lines of the chiffon would remain soft, giving the appearance that there is very little structure in the corset at all. Once the white lace was all stitched down I spent the next couple of weeks hand-stitching black beads onto lace appliques and securing them along the top and around the waist of the corset. Finally, I used a white satin binding to bind the corset and black eyelets for lacing.

I really love how this corset has turned out. The shape is super curvy but soft at the same time. There are depths to the way it absorbs and reflects light: the chiffon absorbs the light and creates slight shadow, the black gives almost a shiny wrought iron appearance as the lace and satin peek through and frame the corset, rounding out the overall appearance.

My favourite part of this corset is how, when the corset is being worn, the thick lace around the waist looks as if it is all that is pulling the corset in tight. Also, the softness of the chiffon contrasts with the heaviness of the lace and makes the effect even more extreme.

Changes I would make on redoing this corset would really just be small tweaks. Mostly I would like to try it with a little more of the white lace underneath the black, just to make that aspect a little more noticeable, as it tends to become a bit lost in really bright lighting (as it was on the day of the photoshoot). Overall I have really enjoyed this entire project. It was great to have the opportunity to create a really gorgeous showpiece that has shown me what I am really capable of.


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Alicia Walker
I love this corset. Seen it up close and her work is amazing. Every detail is thought out carefully and I think it's beautiful when seen worn.
beautiful beading work !
This is so beautiful! I really like how it has two different, but very striking, effects. In bright light or at a distance the shaping and contrast draw the eye, and then up close the embellishment is so delicate looking and mesmerizing! These photos are so gorgeous.
Very lovely! Such a nice shape too.
Thank you for all the lovely comments!
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