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This corset was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest while looking for ideas. The picture shows a glass of water in front of a black and white striped background so that you can see the water bending the light and making it appear as if the stripes on the background are curved. This is called refraction of light. As the mother of a budding scientist, I thought this was the perfect concept to use for the Black, White & Light theme.

The corset itself is made from white & black coutil, each vertical panel divided into individual pieces to form the curve of the refraction. This piece was a construction challenge in several ways, firstly dividing up the panels so that the curve flowed smoothly, and secondly in dealing with all the bulk from the seam allowances created by sewing each piece together and then each panel together. Several of the grommets at the back ended up going right through the middle of the seam allowances and if I didn’t have a table mounted industrial grommet press, I would never have gotten the grommets in by hand. Keeping all the pieces organized was also a project in itself as the two sides of the corset are asymmetrical. I ended up using a system of numbers and letters to keep everything together. This project was also the first time I had worked with a group of people to get professional photographs of my work with a model and a make-up artist. It was a very educational experience from start to finish!

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  That's a real good idea! Your photos are awesome !  
  This is such a cool idea, and you executed it so wonderfully and carefully!  
  This really cute... I like your styling choices too. :)  
  Thank you all! :)  
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