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The Foundations Revealed Competition is a challenge for a corsetiere; it certainly was for me, and it was also an exciting sewing adventure. It is actually the first time I have used a spoon busk and a mesh in my work, as well as flossing and cording techniques. Above all I enjoyed following the authentic lines of the Symington pattern, which I hardly modified by the way, because I wanted the shape of my corset to be as historical as it could be. So yep, look at these curves!

For the corset I used emerald green cotton and black baked cotton satin. The 5th (side) detail is made of two layers of strong transparent mesh, partially corded. The corset has 28 steel bones arranged according to the original pattern, and it is flossed with green and black mouline threads.

I want to thank Foundations Revealed for this competition as an opportunity to be so inspired, to create more interesting corsets, to develop my professional experience and lastly to explore such a lovely silhouette from that beautiful faraway fashion era.

Lyudmila's full photo album of this piece


  Great corset ! Loving all of it, curves, colours, smoothness, the spoon busk, the flossing, the proportions...  
  This is such a cohesive design, with the embroidery contrasting with the panel it's on. And the shape is so nice!  
forge fashion  
  Outstanding work!  
  Love these colors! And all that flossing. So good... so good!  
  Elegant and beautiful. You've made something very intricate look sleek and easy. Simply gorgeous.  
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