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I am so excited to enter the competition this year!

I wanted to enter into both of the themes this year, mostly so I can have a go at the Symington pattern, but also because I like the idea of how patterns made with black and white can create visual illusions.

So after buying the pattern, I spent far too long to admit on printing and resizing it to be the correct measurements. When I had it measured correctly, I resized to make it fit a 30" waist in the hope that that would make it easier to fit someone. Unfortunately I was wrong, so my mannequin will have to do.

On my search for inspiration fabric, I came across the perfect fabric in my local Lincraft. It has a look of monochrome tree bark to it, so it was my way of decorating the 'trunk' of the body. I live in the tropics of Australia so I'm kinda immediately surrounded by rainforest.

When making this corset, I did try to stay as close to what the pattern indicated for boning, but I really liked April's article about this pattern. So I decided to put external boning channels on the centre of the panels, which was interesting to attempt when the pattern tended to blend together.

In all, there is the fashion fabric roll pinned to a cotton strength layer, and then a cotton drill lining. It has a 33cm spoon busk and 24 grommets. It only had enough room in the pattern to use one flat steel at the centre back, so I installed the grommets to overlap the stitch lines as much as I could to avoid any pulling in the fabric. I also use two flat steels taped together in the hope that it would make it strong enough to prevent any bowing in the back.

Making this corset was a great challenge for me and I really enjoyed using this pattern. I might make some adjustments to the length and fit in the future, but I could make it work.

More photos at Melissa's Facebook page



  That fabric is so cool...  
  Thanks! :)  
  Reading that this had external boning channels made me go a bit cross-eyed picking them out. I really like this fabric choice though! I also really enjoyed the progress shots in your dress diary, and yes, I did eventually find the needle (after quite a while looking).  
  I was going for the visual illusion of the fabric but I realised that just trying to sew it all together was giving me a headache!
I'm glad you liked my photos :)
  I love how the boning channels blend in. It's like a visual illusion. Good job.  
  Thank you so much April :) Your article was a huge help to me with making this.  
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