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When I saw the theme "Intersections of Light" I immediately thought of doing something with layering. I've been experimenting a lot lately with various sheers draped over my corsets, ruching with chiffon, and the effects I can get from the arrangement of the decorative elements, so this theme seemed like a perfect opportunity to expand on that. I decided to use tulle this time for more transparency than I would have gotten with chiffon - I wanted to make sure I didn't totally hide the dazzle underneath!

For the surface designs I wanted to do something that reflected the solid feel of the gorgeous wrought iron in the mood board, and the graphic quality of the light shining through stark black shapes. I decided to use Swarovski crystals, to bring in the glamour that I like to reach for in my work for Eternal Glory. I had at first thought I'd only use a few of the white crystals, to give the feel of light shining through, but I liked the way the two complemented each other so much that I used about equal amounts of each and designed their patterns around each other. In total I used about 3500 flatbacks, individually placed by hand.

I made the base of the corset using an eight-panel overbust pattern which I had already drafted and fitted, modifying the top and bottom lines to fit with the concept. I wanted a matte texture to bring out the sparkle I knew I'd be adding later, so I made the corset in white cotton sateen roll-pinned over coutil, and topstitched the boning channels in black for an extra nod to the contrast theme. I also used a black busk and grommets, so the theme of black and white remains unbroken throughout.

The most complicated part of the piece was the order in which I added the layers. In order to get the tulle laid over the crystals but still stitched into the front and back seams, I did a preliminary run of the draping before the corset was finished or lined, and attached the front and back facings with the tulle sandwiched in the seam. At the back, I kept the tulle in place and set the grommets over it, since there was no need to place crystals where the lacing would be. The pegs of the busk I also put through the tulle at front, then pulled it back to finish the busk without stitching through the tulle. Only after I had placed all the Swarovskis did I re-drape it on top, and tack the folds in place with a scattering of sew-on beads.

All in all, I'm thrilled with how this corset turned out. The tulle was a dream to work with, and it was so exciting to see the design come to life as I worked!


What you've done with the draping of the tulle here is so gorgeous! It really emphasizes the shape of the corset, and the translucency showing the beading is so nice. Really lovely work here!
So much shimmer. Very cool and unique. Good job!
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