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I ordered the Symington pattern as I only have a wedding dress boned bodice pattern; I thought that was best. I made up a quick calico, but unfortunately it didn't fit at all well. I needed to change the height of the bust shaping, bringing it higher up the body, and the front point looks odd. I used fabrics I had worked with before - cotton bobbinet, cotton lace and silk satin - as I was using an unfamiliar pattern and new techniques. I dyed the bobbinet with tea to better match the silk and lace. I really enjoyed having a go.


  This looks like such an interesting blend of old and new school lingerie, I love it. And the touch of the boning channels alternating being under and over the lace is great, I love the effect it creates.  
  What a unique way to use this pattern. I love that you put the lace under some channels and over some channels. Very pretty.  
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