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What happens between dark and light, day and night? What lies inbetween, in the grey realm, the place of the unknown? Questions as old as humankind, and time and time again portrayed in the legends of our ancestors.

In the mythical realm of Welsh legends Cadair Idris is such a place, a mountain in Snowdonia where you can enter the otherworld, according to the Welsh myths. It is said that if you spend a night on top, you will return either mad or as a poet, gifted with inspiration.

A few years ago, I went to northern Wales to climb up this myth-enshrouded mountain.

It’s said to be a place where the veils between our world and the bright land of gods are thin.

There, from time to time an immortal passes  into the human world, according to the legends.

The mountaintop was already heavily clouded when we started our ascent. On the way up we could feel the mist drizzling down on us. The higher we climbed, the more the ridges seemed to dissolve into blurred lines of grey with no beginning and no end.

All we could see was the grayish brown rubble under our feet and the endless swirling fog that seems to be illuminated and opaque at the same time. All of a sudden you don’t feel part of this world any more. It's impossible to tell where the mountain ends and the sky begins. No sound remains; you are completely enclosed  by twilight, neither day nor night, neither black nor white. All sense of direction is lost - where is up, where down? One small step may throw you off your path.

The ancient ones, however, say that if you happen to be there at the right place and time, the clouds will part, the fog retreat.

The veil transcends into nothingness, gifting you with a glimpse of the crater lake that lies between the rocks, shining like a black jewel.

A bottomless mirror, refusing to reflect your image, an endless black well that reveals your hopes and dreams and the future that might come to be.

It was this very mood that I wanted to capture in my design, the other-worldly beauty and the glimpses of clear sight represented by the little embroidered cut-outs with mother of pearl inlays.


My Pinterest Inspiration Board

Dress Diary

model: Fanziska Zeilinger
photo:  Elizaveta Porodina
light:  Josef Beyer


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