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FR competition 2017 logoCompetition 2017:
En Pointe ~ Symington Pattern #2360

Comment like mad to tell all these amazing makers how great their work is. They showed a lot of courage to submit their work for your judging, and they deserve tons of praise and encouragement!

Voting has now closed. Winners and Runners Up are visible from the links below! Congratulations to you all, and thank you everyone for entering, commenting, sharing and voting!

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I wanted to make a "Mad Hatter" inspired corset and outfit. While I was thinking about that, I found a tutorial about pancake tutus, and I immediately knew that I had to make this for a female "Mad Hatter"!

The underbust corset is about 53cm at the waist (just under 21").

The pancake tutu has nine layers of tulle.

I chose this beautiful fabric with brown and black stripes and with roses for both. It is a little bit steampunk themed. And to complete it I made the hat.

I'm not a person of many words ;-) so I let the pictures speak.

Good luck, everyone!

Photography: Jörg Strohbach


So fun! I love it! :) great job with the pancake tutu!
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