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When I read the theme of this years competition, it was clear to me that this is the impetus for me to finally finish this ballet costume and make a top part for the tutu. While I was still searching for the right shape, I looked at the Symington Pattern, just out of curiosity, and thought it was just right, so I combined the two themes.

I made this tutu a few years ago at University, already thinking about a peacock. With the layering of the tulle I created the view from the bottom to look like an eye of a peacock feather. I later added the top layer, which is a sheer silk that I painted. I dyed the peacock feathers blue, so the quills blend in.

Because it is supposed to be a ballet costume, it is a soft corset. The strength layer is a slightly stretchy jeans fabric and the top layer is cotton. I only put a plastic bone next to the bust and in the centre back, which is closed with six hooks and eyes. The cotton fabric has a pattern of dots and circles, but it was originally white and blue. I dyed it with turquoise, dark blue and ultramarine to get the colour range of the body of a peacock. The straps repeat that colour sequence. I sewed a green satin band on the seams for a better optical connection of the top and the tutu. Finally, I added some lace and sequins at the top.


I love the color palette! What a beautiful tutu.
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