The Bride Mantis by Valeria Batista   The Bride Mantis by Valeria Batista   

The Bride Mantis by Valeria Batista   The Bride Mantis by Valeria Batista   

The Bride Mantis by Valeria Batista


The Bride Mantris

Valeria Batista, Brazil (La Sorciere)

My husband Eduardo Navarro


The Design

The inspiration for this corset was based upon the Spiny Flower Mantis, whose colors remind me of a bride's dress. Besides that, its color garments gives an hypnotic and magical touch, as my referes on its name and meaning. La Sorcière Corsets (the sorceress)

Amongst the composition, I've added steel spikes onto the corset to simulate the mantis' body. The brocade were set to represent the flowers, where mantis earns its name.

The Construction

Made in rustic silk shantung, chantilly brocade, steel spikes coated in spray by myself. Swarovski Crystals application. The mockup and the modeling were my own creations, using the mannequin as basis. The panels and cuts were based into the same body of the Spiny Flower Mantis, and resembling Victorian era patterning.

More details on my blog


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

This was a great honor and a major test for trying up my skills in something spetacular that even I haven't made ever.

An admirable shape achieved by these exquisit boning lines. For me it has a big effect because of its white plainness- very elegant!
Your cris crossing channels at the side front are really interesting. I like the tiny pops of color you added with the flossing.
Very interesting patterning with elegant clean lines, the boning curves really draw the eye in hypnotically.
Beautiful, the paneling is very elegant.
marloes dadswell
Such interesting placement of the boning. It gives such a gorgeous effect, so detailed!
I love the way you played with the placement of the seams, very classy effect!
Very interesting and effective panel shaping and boning placement, and embellished beautifully!
Such an interesting pattern and boning placement!
I love how the subtle colours bring out the great pattern work you have done and I also really enjoyed seeing the wip pictures showing more about your patterning process. Well done, Valeria!

Great work Valeria, I love how confident you've been with both your patterning and your decision to create it in stark white. Well done!
Very elegant design with lovely boning lines.
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